Serving the Liberty Family

Serving the Liberty Family

Dr. Lew Weider and his wife Cheryl call Liberty University "home."

"This is our home; this is our family. These students come to our home; he teaches them every day," Cheryl says. Weider is director of Christian Community Service and associate professor of Contemporary Issues at the School of Religion. Both alumni, the couple has also been active at Thomas Road Baptist Church, teaching an adult Sunday School class and helping with men's and women's conferences. Lew serves as a deacon.

While in their 30s and raising two daughters, the Weiders decided to put Liberty in their will, designating a portion of their retirement funds.

"If I'm looking at my portfolio as an investment for my future, I also think of Liberty University as an investment in the lives of people," Lew says. "And so I'm willing to invest into their future as well."

That's why they contacted Liberty's Estate Planning Department. "They were wonderful to work with and answered all our questions," Lew says. "They made it very simple for us."

The couple has seen the university grow over the years, not only in the numbers and the new facilities, but also in equipping students academically and spiritually. They want that to continue. "Dr. Falwell had a great vision here, and we just want to contribute in our small way," Cheryl says. "Whatever we can do to keep the university growing and keeping young people coming and helping them to finish their education ... that to me would be a great legacy."

It's about "being a good steward" up until the end of our lives, Lew says: "The Lord, constantly, through Scripture, communicates the concept of giving to others, whether it's now or in the future." Cheryl says it's comforting to know they have made this important decision.

"You just never know what's going to happen," she says. "At least you know when you take your last breath that your will is drawn up - you know what your children are getting, you're taking care of them, but yet you're able to give one final gift to the Lord."

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