Professors Loyal to Liberty

Professors Loyal to Liberty

For Karen and Leonard Parker, their everyday jobs are their ministry. As professors at Liberty University's School of Education, they want their years of hard work to continue, even after they have gone on to be with the Lord.

"We feel that we can continue our teaching ministry after we are gone through our will," Karen Parker says. "We have dedicated our lives to Christian education, which we consider to be our full-time ministry."

Karen, Dean of the School of Education, and Leonard, an associate professor, said they have seen more than 2,000 Christian teachers prepared at LU since they joined the School of Education faculty here in 1986.

"All four of our daughters received their preparation at Liberty. We now have nine grandchildren," Karen says. "This has made our vision for Liberty even more personal. We want to ensure a quality Christian education for the next generation, which includes our precious grandchildren."

Working with Liberty's Estate Planning Department, the Parkers were able to leave Liberty in their wills.

"Including Liberty in our wills provides assurance for our family that they are fulfilling our wishes. It removes the burden of financial decisions from them. We have discussed our financial plans with our daughters, who love Liberty and support our decision."

The Parkers also received support from Liberty University's Estate Planning Officers, who understand the couple's needs.

"We received assistance that was personal and professional about how to prepare a will and the options that are available. We still had dependent children when we first contacted the department. They showed us how to establish a trust that would meet our children's needs and also accomplish our goals for planned giving."

The Estate Planning Officers also tended to the Parkers' specific request to honor their youngest daughter, Amy, in their will. Amy was killed in an automobile accident when she was a senior at LU. Her parents established the Parker Memorial Scholarship to provide tuition assistance for college students who are preparing to teach in Christian schools.

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