Former Educator Gives LU High Marks

Former Educator Gives LU High Marks

Roy and Vela Gwin love Central California, their home for more than 30 years. "We love the sunshine," Vela says. But even out on the West Coast, they keep strong ties with Liberty University.

Roy, a retired civil engineer with the Civil Service, and Vela, a former high school guidance counselor, said their relationship with Liberty and its founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell, goes back to the beginning. "When we first knew him, he was travelling around the country and preaching sermons, and that's when we fell in love with Jerry Falwell," Vela says. "His sincerity and Christianity" attracted them, and they were excited to hear about the forming of a college.

"I've been in education all my life, so definitely I was interested in that, and especially when he [Falwell] said he was training pastors, because we certainly need them," Vela says. "That is when we really started donating [to Liberty], when we heard he was training young "Champions for Christ."

Through LU's Estate Planning Department, the Gwins have purchased 10 Charitable Gift Annuities and have decided to leave their entire estate to the school after their homegoing.