Fond Memories

Fond Memories

Meet Mrs. Ruth Dunlap. Ruth is a wonderful, Christian lady who has been a faithful Faith Partner for over 20 years. She and her husband, Lowell, first saw Dr. Jerry Falwell on The Old-Time Gospel Hour and wanted to help him continue his television ministry and build Liberty University. They were interested in Christian education, and later encouraged their daughter to attend Liberty. In 2005, Ruth's beloved husband passed away after 45 years of marriage. Today, Ruth lives in Mesa, Arizona and is actively involved in the women's missionary group at her church, East University Church of God.

Ruth recalls fondly a trip she took to Lynchburg in the summer of 2006. She enjoyed her tour of the growing Liberty campus. She says, "I love to hear the stories about Jerry Falwell! There are always such great stories ..."

Over the past 12 years, Ruth has worked with Liberty's Estate Planning Department. She has funded several Charitable Gift Annuities, which have increased her income, and also remembered Liberty through a bequest in her living trust. Her support through the gift annuity program and her living trust will help ensure the future of Dr. Falwell's greatest legacy: Liberty University.